Monday, March 31, 2008

All For The Kids

The orange carpet was all a buzz this past weekend as the stars turned out for Nickelodeon's Annual Kids Choice Awards Saturday night. Miley Cyrus showed up with her peace sign in tow, Rihanna and Chris Brown once again denied that they are actually a couple and Cameron Diaz fit right in with the young crowd. Hosted by Jack Black and his many a green outfit, the most coveted prize of the night, the honor of getting slimed, went to Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, as well as Pirates star Orlando Bloom.

America Ferrera shimmers in gold

Cameron Diaz was honored with the Wannabe Award (even better to her than winning the Big Burp Award the previous year)

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is just that, a hero to her many young fans

Rihanna successfully pulling of yet another amazing outfit, look at those shoes, the hair!

Teen heartthrobs the Jo Bros give their fans something to swoon over

Miley Cyrus flashes the peace sign before rocking out to one of her hit songs later in the evening

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Hills Recap

So the hour long season premiere of the Hills on Monday left me with both a bad taste and a good taste in my mouth.

1. Mariah Carey claimed that she absolutely loves watching the Hills but I refuse to believe that she's ever even seen an episode until that night.

2. Whitney and Lauren: How DARE you not know how to pronounce "Givenchy" and you're in fashion and there's a camera in your face!

3. Once the paparazzi is caught taking pics of reality stars while the reality show is being taped, its time for a series finale. Lauren's no longer a reality star she's just a celeb.(Did anyone else catch the pap-snap as the girls were leaving Colette?)

4. Mistakes of an intern (cuz nothing that they did would go down in the "Real" world!)

A. NEVER put going to pick up your dress before getting the job done!

B. NEVER stitch a designer LOAN gown and then go to a club with it on. I gagged when I saw her preparing to do this!

C. NEVER put you beauty supplies next to your designer LOAN gown. That was actually hilarious because Whitney didn't seem to care at first.

D. So now Lauren the man gives you a loan and you hop on a Vespa?? Yeah...NEVER!!! Just NEVER!!!

5. Spencer looked like he gained the marital weight before the wedding even went down!

6.What a dream to meet a semi-hot French rock-star and take mini-tours around Paris!!?? Loved the Eiffel Tower scene

7. Seemed like Lauren got to be more hands on than Whitney but I'm super happy that Whitney is finally finding her way!

8. Kimball...I love you!

9. I'm starting to feel some kind of way about Audrina because why would you make an international call just to tell your friend that the man she likes is showing off his new girlfriend?

10. Heidi's Stepdad to Spencer : "What the heck?!!!" Spencer to the Stepdad: "Yeah I'm a complete loser and it would be a much better moment if you just hit me with that shovel."

Clearly I made that up cuz Spencer's an idiot for going all the way to CO but I love Heidi for making him feel like an idiot at the dinner table with the folks!)

All in all an awesome premiere and can't wait 'til next week! The Heidi drama-train has just left the station!!

- Crystal Hines

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jamie Lynn Sporting A Rock?

Jamie Lynn Spears has a new accessory to go with her growing baby bump.

She's reportedly engaged!

A source close to the family told PEOPLE that she has been showing off her flashy piece of jewelry to family and friends around Louisiana and Mississippi. "She's got an engagement ring, " the source said. "She's been showing it off, talking about it."

Her fiance guessed right, 18-year-old Casey Aldridge. The two are expecting a baby sometime this summer.

- Erin Dustin

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Weekend In The Life Of Pamela Anderson

"I read the news today..."

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon's marriage was annulled today due to fraud (they both checked the box). Anderson filed for divorce last December after only two months of marriage.

"...oh boy."

But Salomon wasn't the only ex she was dealing with this past weekend.

On a much happier note, Anderson spent Easter Sunday with Tommy Lee, the father of her two children, in Malibu.

The family spent the day at the movies and eating lunch at Geoffrey's.

- Erin Dustin

It's Finally Here!

The Hills tonight! Let the drama begin : )

4 hours, 17 minutes, 30 seconds and counting...

Here's a preview of what's to come this season for those who can't wait, especially the non-East Coast folk who have to wait a little longer...

- Erin Dustin

Friday, March 21, 2008

Brad and Angie for President.

The happy couple should get the award for the most Philanthropic couple...ever. reported that the couple donated $8 million throughout 2006 to charities like Doctors Without Borders , the Global AIDS Alliance, the Namibia Red Cross Action Program , the Daniel Pearl Foundation, and their own foundations; the Make It Right Foundation and the Jolie Pitt Foundation.

I'm sure the monetary value of how much this couple gives and spends is much more than this. With the 100 kids the have running around plus the triplets they have on the way..$8 mil is just the tip of the iceberg. (Major exaggeration!)

- Crystal Hines

J.LO + Max + Emme = Picture Perfect

People Mag got the first interview with new mom J.Lo and her babes Max and Emme and let me tell you what...Max there definitely looks like daddy Marc Anthony.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Britney's TV Gig

First slightly-secretive weekend meetings with Mel Gibson and now an acting gig over at CBS.

Britney has been very busy lately, but in a good way I suppose.

PEOPLE has just released the first video promo of Brit in action where she plays a receptionist at a dermatologist's office in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Shown opposite Neil Patrick Harris in the clip, her first words are, well why don't you just see for yourself...

The 11 second clip

The episode will air March 24.

- Erin Dustin

And her name is....

Nahla Ariela Aubry


Eva loves Calvin Klein Undies!!!

Eva Mendes is said to be the new face of Calvin Klein Underwear…according to WWD

She volunteered herself into rehab to deal with substance abuse and personal issues. It's been the trend that celebs go to rehab and come out with several new deals. Well the Calvin Klein deal was in the works long before Eva went to rehab. She's also going to be the spokesperson for a TBD Calvin Klein fragrance.

- Crystal Hines

The Hills at LA Fashion Week.

The Hills stars were all over LA Fashion Week.  

First Lauren with her fashion week debut last week.  The Lauren Conrad Collection seemed like she designed things straight from her closet.  Cute for her first go-round.

Then the ladies were spotted at Smashbox Studios hobnobing with Peroni beers and boys in hand.

And finally, something we all saw coming, with Whitney Port's departure from Teen Vogue, our favorite sweetheart has designed a line.  Eve & A also debut during fashion week and according to WWD it was a line for the classy party girl on the LA scene.  Whitney gets her inspiration and talent from her father who owns Swarm aka Shades of Gray. 

- Crystal Hines

Celebs + Fashion= Industry Take Over!

Celebs are branching out into new genres everyday. From Fergie designing for Kipling to Chloe Sevigny designing a line for Opening Ceremony; its a complete industry take over. Well now we can add Rachel Bilson to the list. She's collabing with DKNY Jeans for a line this fall. Dubbed Edie Rose, the line is said to consist of sportswear, denim, and only a few colorful pieces; 15 in total.

- Crystal Hines

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's A Girl!

Well she can't stay pregnant forever...but I'm pretty sure Halle Berry won't mind.

The Oscar-winner gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday morning and "is doing great," her rep has confirmed. The father is Berry's boyfriend of two years, 32-year-old model Gabriel Aubry. This is the first child for both.

No name has been confirmed, but I wonder what type of fruit or U.S. city the little one might be named after, we'll just have to wait and see!

- Erin Dustin

Friday, March 14, 2008

Paris's BFF Search

Don't worry, Paris and Nicole aren't feuding again, Paris is just realizing that her BFF may have new responsibilities at home, i.e. baby Harlow. So, with Nicole Richie technically out, Paris is looking for a new someone to keep her company.

The heiress and MTV have teamed up to create a reality show that will feature Hilton's search for a sidekick, tentatively called Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

What would it really be like as Hilton's BFF? Well according to the source herself...

"...there's nothing that's really hard," Hilton told PEOPLE at the Hollywood Hills launch party where the series was announced. "I'm going to be in my element in Los Angeles and really showing these women my life, which is completely different than
The Simple Life."

And what is Paris looking for in a BFF?

"Someone that I just trust and not someone who's going to stab me in the back - it's happened a lot in this town. Just someone who I can have fun with, someone who could be like my sister."

Sounds easy enough.

- Erin Dustin

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Rumors Are False

George Clooney is NOT engaged! (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!)

I mean, I know that him and girlfriend of less than a year Sarah Larson are getting more and more serious by the day, and that she technically is the only girlfriend he has ever brought to the Oscars, blah blah blah, but still he has not made that big step just yet. (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!)

Reports of the engagement were posted in the British version of Marie Claire, where a restaurant worker from the Italian town where Clooney's villa is located was quoted as saying that Clooney and Larson were engaged. The reports were in an article under the headline, "George Clooney to Marry?"

Clooney responded through his rep by saying that "these reports are not true."

Phew...America's (and obviously my) favorite bachelor is still, well just that, our favorite bachelor!

- Erin Dustin

Matt Damon To Be A Dad Again

Matt Damon and wife Luciana are expecting!

"They couldn't be happier," Damon's rep Jennifer Allen told PEOPLE. "They're so excited!"

The happy, expectant and glowing couple showed up to the Empire Film Awards in London on Sunday where Luciana debuted the growing baby bump.

This will be their third child.

Damon and Luciana with daughter Isabella

- Erin Dustin

It's On!

Watch out Scarlett Johansson, Kristin Davis is giving you a run for your money!

Not only is the Sex and the City star auctioning off a meet-and-greet to her highly-anticipated SATC movie premiere in May, but a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes will go to the winner as well!

With both of their proceeds benefiting Oxfam America, Davis's celeb auction will begin March 12, the same day that Johansson's ends, and will run through March 22.

And a little FYI to all you high bidders out there, Johansson's auction is up to $38,200!

I can't even imagine what Charlotte's will be like!

Happy Bidding!

- Erin Dustin

Friday, March 7, 2008

Winners of the Week

Two very big shows had two very big episodes this week.

Not only did Project Runway reveal its winning designer on Wednesday, but just last night American Idol's top 12 was decided.

Christian Siriano proved that "fierceness" was just what Heidi Klum was looking for as he (emotionally) took the title of best designer of the hit-show's fourth season. Siriano, from Annapolis, MD and the youngest contestant to ever win, achieved another difficult task as well...he made the one and only Posh smile. Victoria Beckham, who joined Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia on the judging panel for the final runway show, admitted that Siriano's collection was something that she would wear and in her own words said, "It was major."

Click here to check out Siriano's "fierce" collection.

In-between all those nail-biting commercial breaks, Ryan Seacrest finally revealed which singers will compete next week in American Idol's top 12 last night. Although it was sad to see the four contestants leave, it will be exciting to see how the top 12 will perform as the stakes get higher.

Idol's Top 12:

Michael Johns
Seyesha Mercado
David Archuleta (!)
Carly Smithson
David Cook
Ramiele Malubay
Jason Castro
Kristy Lee Cook
David Hernandez
Brooke White (!)
Amanda Overmyer

- Erin Dustin

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Heidi Montag's drama train...

The Hills isn't even officially back on air yet and there's already some drama. Did Spencer cheat on Heidi? That seems to be the question of the moment. The only answers we can get are from the interview in Us Weekly.

"Spencer and I have really had our ups and downs this past year," Montag tells Us. "I've definitely been betrayed by friends before, but I've never had a boyfriend do this to me."

She adds, "Spencer and I may differ on what it means to cheat."

Pratt, for his part, tells Us, "We're definitely on a roller coaster. I'm not too happy about a lot of things."

Well I'm going to draw the conclusion that once a player ALWAYS a player. Plus, he bought the engagement ring from a novelty store. Please Heidi, this is just karma getting back at you for choosing a man over your friends.

Whew... Enough venting. Tune in on March 24th for the new season!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Docs Do A Sing-Along

Grey's and Private Practice docs put away the stethoscopes (and drama) for the evening and brought out the mics for last Friday's charity sing-along with proceeds going toward the crew members who were affected by the recent WGA strike.

McDreamy, aka Patrick Dempsey, started the night out with a video message from Japan where he is promoting his film Enchanted. He wore dark sunglasses and sat next to an action figure of himself. Katherine Heigl looking ravishing in red once again, introduced costar (and Tony winner) Sara Ramirez from the UCLA stage. Ramirez sang "Meadowlark" and recieved a standing ovation.

Next up was T.R. Knight where he nervously joked that he hadn't done anything like this in 13 years. But not to worry, he went through with it. He sang the show tune, "Losing My Mind/You Could Drive A Person Crazy."

McSteamy, aka Eric Dane, then joined the newest Grey's cast member Brooke Smith on stage where they read fan fiction followed by Chandra Wilson who sang her rendition of "God Bless The Child."

Kate Walsh (who is set to be gracing the halls of Seattle Grace once again come April) appeared via video from Australia but her costars of Grey's spin-off Private Practice were in attendance including Paul Adelstein who covered Paul Simon's "Slip 'Slidin Away" while rocking out on the electric guitar.

After two hours of sing-along fun, Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of both ABC shows, thanked the audience for their support. "Even though we are starting production on our shows again, many crew members will never be able to make up the money lost in the strike," she said. "We love our crew and are happy to provide, if only for one night, a little Good Medicine."

Here's a video of a few of the performances of the night...

- Erin Dustin

Vote For Luke!

An avid American Idol fan?
Watching the top 8 male singers perform tonight?
Voting for Luke Menard until the very last second the phone lines are open?

If you answered yes to these three questions (which you should have) then you rock, and if not, you at least MUST MUST vote for the adorable and talented Orlando Bloom look-alike Luke Menard and help him successfully make it into Idol's top 12!

Here's a video of Luke singing Queen's "Killer Queen," during last week's '70s theme.

I wonder what he'll sing tonight?

Tune in and VOTE FOR LUKE!

- Erin Dustin

Drew's Charitable Heart

By the time yesterday's Oprah had ended, Drew Barrymore had not only expressed her feelings about her cutie of a boyfriend Justin Long, but more importantly, made the HUGE announcement that she was donating $1 million to the World Food Progamme.

Barrymore, a UN ambassador and the current Vogue cover girl, appeared on Monday's Oprah for a big give of her own during the themed show. After both her and Long were questioned about their blossoming romance by Winfrey, (we'll get to that a little later) Barrymore presented a check for $1 million dollars to the World Food Programme, which will help feed children in Africa. Barrymore, who has worked with the charity since 2005, has already made two trips to Kenya and seen for herself what a big impact she is making. "I have seen with my own eyes what a difference a simple cup of nutritious porridge can make in a child's life," the actress told Winfrey. "It helps them learn, stay healthy, and sets them on track for a bright future." Best friend Cameron Diaz even phoned in, expressing how proud she was of her donation, saying that she was "choked up."

Barrymore, like I mentioned before, also opened up about her and Long's relationship. Both "fresh" out of the shower after using the hotel shampoo, (Barrymore revealed after Winfrey asked why she smelled so good) Barrymore described Long as her best friend and the relationship as "healthy, productive, supportive and full of humor," also stating that they were having an "excellent time."

And what does Long have to say about his lady love?

"She smells good," Long told Winfrey. "She's beautiful," he said, "and funny. The most compassionate person I've ever met."

Definitely rooting for Drustin!

- Erin Dustin

Monday, March 3, 2008

Heath Told Gemma To Be A "Punk"

Gemma Ward, the Australian model who Heath Ledger was rumored to be dating before his sudden death is finally speaking out about the late actor in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

Although making a clear point to not speak about her personal life during the interview, Ward does reveal this about Heath:

"I think he operated from the heart. He really, really knew that if he was going to make a decision to be in a film, then he needed to be really committed to it."

And Heath's advice for her:
"He wasn't afraid to fight with people involved, he wasn't afraid to perhaps piss people off. He told me to always be a punk and stand up for yourself."

- Erin Dustin

Spend The Evening With...Scarlett Johansson?

Here's your chance...

The actress is auctioning off two tickets to the premiere of her upcoming film He's Just Not That Into You costaring Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Ben Affleck. The VIP winners will have the chance to spend the evening either in Los Angeles or in New York City with the actress herself at the film's premiere in July.

The auction, being held on eBay, wil benefit the international relief organization Oxfam. Seen in a video on the auction's site, Johannson explains that "One-hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to supporting Oxfam's work."

"So please bid high," she says.

The bidding began at just 99 cents and is currently (thanks to the refresh button) at $300. The auction goes through March 12.

For contest here

- Erin Dustin

Hills Star Loses Stepbrother

The stepbrother of Hills star Heidi Montag, aka L.C.'s former bff, died last Thursday due to a freak accident at a Colorado hotel. 24-year-old Eric O'Hara, (whose mom is married to Montag's dad) a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, had just recently returned from a 15-month stint in Iraq. While cleaning snow off of the roof of the Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel in Steamboat Springs where he was working, O'Hara slipped and fell off of the sloped roof when a piece of ice broke loose.

Montag, who spoke with, described O'Hara as "patriotic," a brother who she "loved more than anything" and someone who she used to see every weekend, during the summers, and holidays growing up. Having yet to meet the infamous Spencer, Montag says, "He was very much a brother to me. He called me his sister, not his stepsister. He was always like, 'I love you! I have to meet Spencer and make sure he's cool to you!' Just like a brother."

Montag also said that O'Hara had plans to return to school. "He was just back [from Iraq] and was ready to go back to school. He went up to Steamboat for the weekend where my dad lives."

- Erin Dustin