Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing Gaberln, a soccer juggling minigame

Tim Samoff and I have been working on a game - it's a soccer juggling game called "Gaberln" (and that's why). Here's a screenshot:

For now, you can watch the Gaberln video on YouTube. There's a forum thread for all your discussion needs with an experimental build - use at your own risk! :) More infos can be found on the Gaberln homepage.

Here's a small rant: It's a pity we don't have apps.meego.com now (and it's kind of sad to see the ad-laden my-meego.com downloads section being the closest that comes to an app catalog at the moment). Anyway, I'll try to get it into Ovi Store and AppUp, and hope that apps.meego.com will become a reality soon. A Maemo 5 release is also planned, and it should theoretically be runnable on Symbian^3 as well.

Brain Party for the N950 and N9

Nearly two years ago (in April 2010), I ported Brain Party to the N900 using javispedro's awesome SDL_gles library. Having nearly forgotten about it, I "ported" it to Harmattan today - It's even a bit easier with Harmattan's SDL, which includes the necessary changes. The game doesn't pause/silence when put into the background, but the basic functionalities work, including sound.

Download here: brainparty_0.5.91-3_armel.deb (39 MB)
Source here: brainparty_0.5.91-3.dsc / brainparty_0.5.91-3.tar.gz

The game itself has been written by Hudzilla Games, who also published the game for the iPhone and XBox 360 - if you like the game, you can support them by buying the game from there. This port is based on the open source version of the game.

N9 Wallpapers

I've been in Copenhagen in January (creating a 20-controller PS Move installation game with friends) and more recently in Evora, Portugal for the Science and Technology Week, talking about the history of gPodder. With some sightseeing squeezed into each trip, and no compact camera around, the N9 did a great job making some nice photos that work great as wallpapers of the standby screen.

Just in case you're looking for a way to spice up your standby screen, have a look at the wallpaper photo set for all wallpapers or click on one of the preview images below.





Find all images in the photo set on Flickr. In related news, a small update for gPodder should be ready soon that fixes some minor bugs since the last release in March.