Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing Gaberln, a soccer juggling minigame

Tim Samoff and I have been working on a game - it's a soccer juggling game called "Gaberln" (and that's why). Here's a screenshot:

For now, you can watch the Gaberln video on YouTube. There's a forum thread for all your discussion needs with an experimental build - use at your own risk! :) More infos can be found on the Gaberln homepage.

Here's a small rant: It's a pity we don't have apps.meego.com now (and it's kind of sad to see the ad-laden my-meego.com downloads section being the closest that comes to an app catalog at the moment). Anyway, I'll try to get it into Ovi Store and AppUp, and hope that apps.meego.com will become a reality soon. A Maemo 5 release is also planned, and it should theoretically be runnable on Symbian^3 as well.

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